I am bit scared.....The world of automobiles is ever evolving......

....and all of a sudden we all drive EV's.


One constant though......four patches of the size of ones hand palms! That is the only connection to surface while driving?!

So for me as a family father and petrolhead it is the greatest of paradox not to choose the best quality there is on our cars tyres.

This summer our small camper has passed through Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Tcheck Republic, France, Luxenburg, Belgium and Brittain.......It has all gone well but I' ve experienced many scary situations on motorways especially. High speed combined with very narrow margins.

Therefore, my choice for my family is to the best rubber there is for our drive. I will try to bee preparered as best as I can.

Choosing quality brand developed for nordic conditions this winter is a no brainer. Nokian it is then.