I am definately not alone.....

....beeing a car nut in our family. But, I'm alone beeing obsessive about the condition of tires. Wear and preassure in equal meassure.

My allorgy is bread. A quality whole grain bread is healthy, tasty, and keeps itself fresh over a long period of time.

Exactly how I like the so important contact patches of rubber in a high speed automobile.

Healthy- A tire that seeps info for me to pick up in a PROGRESSIVE manner, befor letting go.

Tasty- Road noice to a bare minimum, that simple.

Fresh- The paradox is that most of my driving is on bare roads. My favourite winter tire keeps It's "seiping" design unchanged all the same.

The recent years has seen prolonged seasons of winter tire use. I change tires earlier and keep them on to after easter holidays. When I read the test results before buying, wet road conditions is therefore put very high up on my priority list.

My driving style is to prefereabely smooth enginebreak before the turn, positive pedal preassure toward apex to dial out incrinments of understeer, feather light increase out of the turn on to the straight. Same application going 30 or at speed limit, rain or shine.

I love driving and doing it in a reflective manner is keeping it real!

Thx for reading.

More to follow....